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Brief History
  The early stages

INCO Engineering and Civil Contracting Company was founded in 1952 by Mr. Affan Balaban in Istanbul, Turkey. Mr. Balaban who was a Structural Engineer from Germany roped in Mr. Abdo Karadag, a civil Engineer into the company in 1977.

The company focused on Engineering and Design Consultancy till then. However, the dynamism and enthusiasm imparted by Mr. Abdo Karadag soon turned the company into a General Contractor in the field of Industrial Construction.

Mr. Karadag ventured into the volatile market of Iraq and established INCO where they completed an impressive 55 projects till 1990. Some of INCO’s major clients during that period included the Italian conglomerates Ballestra and Mazzoni.


  INCO in the GCC


INCO was established in the Sultanate of Oman in 1994 and that marked the first step in the development of the company into an internationally acclaimed fabrication, erection and construction company. Up until the year 2000, many plants were constructed in the Sultanate like Al Ahlia detergents, Al Intaj Sulphochemicals, Oman Chemicals, Keemya Oman and Dhofar Vegetable Oils.

Simultaneously INCO made a name for itself as a professional and efficient company as they completed projects in the Civil and Mechanical fields in a very expeditious manner compared to their competition.




In 2003, INCO was registered for ISO 9000 and also qualified for ASME U and U2 stamps for the fabrication of Pressure Vessels. At this point, the fabrication yard in the Sohar Industrial Estate was growing at a very high rate.


  Spreading to the Emirates and Beyond

In 2003, INCO established its Head Quarters in the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai. The prestigious EMALAB project for the Linear Alkyl Benzene was carried out during this period in the Jebel Ali Free Zone.

The fabrication shops in Jebel Ali and Gebze were also established during this time and in year 2007, INCO opened another workshop in Sohar to keep pace with growing demand in Oman.