Field of Activities

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction Works
  • Industrial Maintenance Services
Industrial Maintenance Services

At INCO we believe that service does not end with manufacturing and/or erection. We are now ready to offer our clients maintenance services. We have created INCO Maintenance department with special portable equipments and high skill and trained workers,  ready to assist our customer as fast as their Maintenance and Repair requirements are, to keep your production running and minimize your “down-time”.  


Repair and Maintenance Services: 


-  Major modifications and upgrades 

-  Re-piping

-  Leak detection of location and repair

-  On-site annual inspections

-  Drums inspections and repair 

-  Preventive Maintenance

-  Repair upgrades

-  Spare Parts


Inspections & Tests Facilities:



-  Hydro Tests

-  Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE):

-  Penetrate Liquid Tests (PT)

-  Magnetic Particles Tests (MT)

-  Visual Tests (VT)

-  Radiographic Tests (RT)

-  Ultrasonic Tests (UT)

-  Hardness Testing (Microdur 10)

-  Positive Material Identification (PMI)