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EHS Policy



INCO Group of Companies in all areas of our operations is committed to operating a Safe, Healthy & Environmentally friendly and responsible business. Our management is truly committed to this goal, and supports this policy through all levels of our staff, contractors and sub-contractors. Health Policies and Procedures are focused upon the public interest and we are committed to implement these Policies and Procedures to serve the common good. As a responsible and committed corporate citizen we recognize the impact our Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) policies & commitments of all our activities, as we interact in areas relating to Environment, Health & Safety, we strive to minimize or eliminate adverse impacts, and improve the efficiency of our services and products. This is achieved through our commitment to:


-  Comply with all Host Nation Environment Legislation and Regulations with specific emphasis on Environment Public Authority (EPA), and applicable industry standards and governmental requirements.


-  Assigning clear personnel for EHS responsibilities.


-  Provide adequate resources and competent personnel in all areas.


-  Review the Environmental, Health & Safety impacts of all our activities.


-  Strive for Continuous Improvement in Environmental, Health & Safety performance through identifying objectives and setting targets, and goals.


-  Employ the best management practices in the prevention of pollution, and waste minimization and maximize the efficient use of resources available.


-  Ensure the involvement of our employees, and sub-contractors in our Environmental, Health & Safety programs and provide training where required on all levels.


-  To ensure our suppliers and distributors also apply the best management EHS practices.


-  Provide a necessary framework to review our Environmental, Health & Safety objectives.


-  Conduct audits which are communicated directly to our senior management for review and appropriate action.


-  Establish a Training program to meet both regulatory requirements, and ensure that we meet INCO goals for training.


-  Communicating this policy, and Environmental, Health & Safety Objectives to all INCO personnel in our organization and make it available to the public.


INCO’s goal is to achieve industry leadership through EHS performance, teamwork and the collective efforts of every employee. Each of us shall share responsibility to achieve this goal. Therefore, every employee must be responsible and committed to helping to achieve the requirements of this policy.


Dated: 01 January 2010